“De schatten van Vlieg”

De schatten van Vlieg” (The treasures of Fly) is an action in co-operation with Flanders Cultural Network and runs from July 1 till August 31. “Fly” tries to encourage children and families to participate in cultural activities. With this summer action the Flanders Cultural Network wants everyone to know that there are a lot fun things to do for families all across Flanders.

The intention is that, during the walk, children look for a treasure chest. Tips lead to where this treasure is hidden. These tips can be found along the 8 km track. Once the treasure is found, the children write their name in the logbook and will be able to crack the secret code with a special code cracker (= keychain that the children can take home). Those who also enter the secret code on the webpage UiTmetVlieg.be get a chance to win great prizes.


Have much fun!

This contest is only available in Dutch.