All participant of the Four Days of the Yser are insured. For civilians and foreign military, a insurance policy is taken via Wandelsport Vlaanderen, from Arena NV.

Belgian military are on exercise and consequently insured by the Belgian Defence.

What kind of accidents is covered by the insurance?

An accident is considered to be: a physical injury or breakages sustained DURING the Four Days AND as a result of the participation in the Four Days!

What to do in case of an accident?                              

Contact as quickly as possible (= same day!):

either a doctor of the organization on the route or in your camp
- or the secretariat at the start or arrival point
- or the commandant of your camp

Ask that person to fill out an accident notification.
You can add a testimony of a witness if you want to.

The secretariat of the Four Days of the Yser will send the file to Aktivia for further exploitation.