Civilian or military?

You'll have to choose between civilian and military!

You are in the military, in active duty or in the reserve, choose here: military

You are a civilian (retired military too!), choose here: Civilian

More explanation

While processing your registration, your capacity as civilian or as military, is a first important factor. That is why special directives apply to the Belgian military.

After successfully completing the registration procedure, you will receive, as soon as possible, your marching-card which contains an electronic chip and a bar-code (see specimen).


This marching-card is the card that grants you access to the Four Days March. This card, in accordance with the options that you have chosen for, may:

  • serve as a means of control for the track (in this way awarding the medal)
  • serve as a proof of registration (and as proof of insurance)
  • give you access to the transportation between the pick-up points and the departure-zone
  • give you the right to receive medical care

The card is kept in a plastic covering, this covering protects the card against humidity (rain, sweat …) which could damage the bar-code, thereby rendering the card unusable.

Please do not fold the card otherwise you could damage the electronic chip inside.

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On different registration screens, you'll find Belgian lists of military units (federation 'ABL') or civil marching clubs (federation 'AKTIVIA', 'FFBMP', '…').

It was impossible for the secretariat to foresee all foreign clubs or military units.

If you don't find your club or military unit under the respective federation, you can add your club or unit under the federation 'No Federation'.